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Ditto Valve Kit


  • The Ditto Valve™ Kit is an innovative method for adding hydraulic functions* onto forklifts already fitted to the carriage with wire reinforced auxilliary hoses. 
  • Ditto Valve™ maintains the original clear view for operator safety.
  • Ditto Valve™ is an economical solution for aftermarket-added functions. Savings of up to 50% over reel-based methods.
  • Ditto Valve™ is at home in Logistics, forklift sales, and dealer short-term rental fleets.
  • Ditto Valve™ is easy to install, removable & reusable; complete wiring harness is a snap! (Approximate kit installation time: 2-3 hours in-shop,3-5 on-road)
  • Attachments work at full speed!
  • *(Also known as adding fourth or fifth valve or function)


How Does It Work? 

hydwire hose cross section

  • The Ditto Valve™ Kit has no reels or batteries! It uses patent pending HydWire™ hydraulic hose assemblies to bring power and control to the carriage. 

  •  HydWire™ hoses fit in existing over-the-mast hose reeving & look like any other hose, but capture the wire reinforcement for use as an electrical conductor.

  • The Ditto Valve™ Kit uses a high volume distribution valve, mounted on the carriage or attachment.




What’s in the Ditto Valve™ Kit?


  • HydWire™ hose assemblies
  • Distribution solenoid valve(s)
  • Two straight and four 90° hydraulic fittings
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Handle-mounted "Soft Touch" selector switch assembly
  • Complete wiring harness
  • Instructions.






  1. Simply Remove Existing Aux Hoses & Replace With HydWire™ Hoses.
  2. Install Universal Wiring Harness.

    Switch Installed

  3. Attach The Valve to the Carriage or Attachment.
  4. You're done!


NOTE: The Ditto Valve™ kit is universal in design; occasional adapting may be required.

Ditto Valve™ is sold only through forklift dealers. Ask your dealer about Ditto Valve™!


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