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For Your Technician

 HydWire™ hose ends can be connected to bulkheads as close together as 7/8” (center-to

-center); but some kits require greater center to center distance. In some cases it may be necessary to move the bulkhead connectors farther apart. 

 The Ditto Valve™ distribution valve has one normally open circuit which allows oil to flow to one function when not powered up. Just press a selector switch to use the normally closed function(s).

Low Profile Valve Pair on Carriage
 The distribution valve is intended to fit on the carriage or attachment. Some suggested carriage locations are in red, below. The Low Profile Valve Pair is designed to fit between the fork bars. The pair can be mounted one on each side of the carriage, or sandwiched together as pictured here to the right.

Low Profile Valve, Two Piece








 For applications where a second function (also known as a fifth function or fifth valve) is added, high volume distribution valves can be bolted together, much like a sectional valve. 

 In the two hydraulic schematics below you’ll notice A, B & C Functions. Each Function could be a cylinder, hydraulic motor, etc.


3 functions schematic  2 functions schematic


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