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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Ditto Valve™ better then other methods?

A: Ditto Valve™ installs more quickly, delivers 50% more flow performance, costs less, and is reusable. It maintains original visibility for safety and is wihtout the maintenance hassles of reels.

Q: How long does it take to install the Ditto Valve™ kit?

A: On average, when done in your shop you should expect 2-3 hours; on the road 3-5.

Q: If a hose is damaged once in use, can I make a new one myself?

A: Although quite simple in construction, this hose end uses a unique die and procedure to assemble, and the few hoses a dealer will ever replace makes the tool & training investment impractical for him.
The cover of the hose is highly abrasion resistant, and the hose ends sturdy; it will last as long as any standard hose found on a forklift.
There are trade-offs no matter the method you choose; OEM valve and reeving is expensive - and maybe unavailable; hose reel damage requires expensive replacement.
As with reels, if a HydWire hose is damaged you will order it from the maker: us.
Each hose is given a part number that is used to order a replacement.
A few dealers have considered ordering spares but so far none have, reasoning that by the time one was damaged no one would remember where it was!

 Q: How many gallons per minute (gpm) does a forklift produce?

A: Not all forklifts produce the same amount, but a typical 6000# LP gas forklift can pump 10 – 12 gpm through the over mast hoses.

Q: How many gallons per minute does my attachment require?

A: For forklifts thru 10,000# typical recommended gpm for side shifters is 2 – 5 gpm; multi-load handlers 3 – 7 gpm; push-pulls 5 – 7 gpm; rotators and paper roll clamps 10 – 15 gpm. For actual specs you should check your specific manufacturer. Search the Cascade, Bolzoni Auramo, or Long Reach site for your attachment specifications.

Q: How many PSI does my attachment need?

Q: Specified PSI limits for current models of attachments run around 2500 psi. Again, check with your manufacturer for actual specs.


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